Statutory Assessments Summer 2018


Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Children enter Reception with skills and abilities that are well below average for their age.  The assessment completed by Miss Vause and the team in Foundation Stage indicated that the majority of children came into our reception class in September 2017 as  ‘entering 30-50 months’ with a significant proportion still working at 22-36 months.

The children have made good progress in Reception but still only 25% of children (3 children) achieved a "good level of development" (GLD) in the Early Learning Goals (ELGs).  This compares to 69% nationally and is below the national average.  It is a slight increase on last year when 7% (1 child) achieved a GLD.

Our EYFS achieved the Early Years Basic Skills Quality Mark last year as evidence that Reading, Writing, Maths and Speaking and Listening were being taught well.  


Phonic Screening

Following the phonic screening in June, 47% of children in Year 1 reached the expected standard.  This compares to 63% for 2017 and a National figure of 81%.  It must be noted that the cohort currently in Year 1 left Foundation stage with only 7% meeting the Early Learning Goal for Reading.


Key Stage 1 (KS1)

We were expecting around 66% of the children to reach the expected standard in Reading and writing and slightly higher in Maths.

The teacher assessment from Mrs Williams shows that 69% achieved at least the expected standard in Reading, 61% in Writing as one child didn’t reach the ambitious target that we set for her and 77% in Maths.  One child achieved Greater depth in reading but did not in writing or maths.


Key Stage 2 (KS2)

Mr Brammer’s teacher assessment expected 55% of children to be at the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Science with 64% at the expected standard in Maths. 

There are 11 children in our Year 6 cohort but it was decided that one child should not take the KS2 tests due to emotional strain.

Of the 10 children that took the tests 50% achieved the expected standard in Reading with 20% achieving a score that shows Greater Depth; 60% achieved the expected score in Maths again with 20% achieving greater depth; 50% achieved the expected standard in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

50% of the children achieved the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths.


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