The curriculum overview shows the half termly themes and provides a summary of the subject specific content within each.
All elements of the curriculum are covered and there is a balance of subjects within and across themes.

Within the overview, subjects are categorised as lead, additional or ongoing.

The lead subjects are those for which there is a greater emphasis within each theme.

The additional subjects are those where there is an opportunity for the application of previously learned skills or to develop specific ones that support the theme in a minor way. Mathematics will always appear as an additional subject. The examples within the theme allow children additional opportunities for using and applying their mathematics in context. Discrete mathematics lessons will also be taking place and we use the Lancashire medium term planning for mathematics to support with this. Although taught discretely, English and computing use the themes as a context for the learning. The overview shows which English and computing units are matched to each theme.

Finally, there are ongoing elements within each year group which are outlined at the bottom of each yearly overview. Rather than being in a particular term, these are designed to feature throughout the year. Physical education, spelling and handwriting, and Online-Safety can be found in each year group. Where there are standalone topics, such as light (Science) in Year 3, that are not featured in the themes, they will also be identified within this section.

The appropriate key learning for each subject was selected according to the theme. All elements of the key learning will be covered and revisited either within the themes or the ongoing elements across the year.


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