As we learn, we will follow the example of Jesus,
and respect everybody in our community,
treating them all with Consideration, Care and Courtesy


The statement above recognises the school's important role in providing for the Spiritual, Educational and Community needs of our pupils, and will only be achieved through the collaboration of all members of the school community.

We aim to:

  • Foster positive relationships between all members of the community
  • Enable each child to acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes detailed in the National Curriculum and the Religious Education Programme Come and See
  • Provide each child with the opportunity to experience interesting and enjoyable activities beyond the National Curriculum
  • Enable pupils to understand that all people are unique, loved and valued by God
  • Educate the whole child; assisting in the formation of happy, confident, responsible, considerate, caring and courteous citizens of the future who value themselves, others and the world in which they live


To achieve these aims and bring joy and brightness to the lives of our pupils we will: 

  • Value and celebrate the contributions and commitment made by all members of the community including pupils, parents, carers, professional staff, volunteers and members of the wider community 
  • Provide trained, qualified, enthusiastic, caring staff who will work with pupils in a safe, stimulating environment using appropriate, high quality resources 
  • Through the teaching of the Come and See Programme, educate our pupils in the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church and give them an understanding and knowledge of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ 
  • Regularly review and evaluate the work of the school in order to maintain the high standards we expect of ourselves 
  • Through our own personal behaviour and example create an environment where everybody feels secure, valued and respected 
  • Provide a balanced curriculum which fully meets all statutory requirements 
  • Provide for our pupils experiences and opportunities beyond the curriculum to develop their interests and enhance their enjoyment


We continually review our Mission Statement to ensure it still encompasses our vision to help our children growing up in a changing world.  Parents, children, staff and Governors have opportunities to think about the mission of the school and how we are best able to guide the community of St Edmund's.  

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