Parish community

St Edmund’s is one of six catholic schools in the Catholic Community of Skelmersdale that  is served by three churches. As one parish we strive to build a living community of family and friends. Together we try to love one another and put into practice the way Jesus taught us to live. We believe that belonging to the Church enriches lives on so many different levels and in so many different ways.

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Come and see

As we are a part of the Archdiocese of Liverpool, we undertake lessons using the Come and See curriculum. Since the curriculum was introduced in September 2012, it has been updated and uses relevant resources to make learning fun, interactive, deep and meaningful in each class.

At the start of each unit, children explain what they know already about the topic being studied and by the end of the unit, children are able to celebrate in a class situation to show their understanding from their new learning.

Each term, a newsletter is sent home to each family to explain our topics and give ideas for home reflection. Copies of these newsletters are available on our website. As well as this, children across each class are given the opportunity to celebrate their learning with the whole school and parents through class assemblies.

If you have any questions about Come and See, please contact your child's class teacher.

Come and See newsletters

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Come and see for yourself

Before beginning each topic, ‘Come and See’ provides a resource for staff to ‘Come and See for Yourself’ on the topic at their own level.

This resource is used to give staff the opportunity for reflection, sharing and discussion.

At St Edmund’s we integrate this short reflection into the regular Staff meeting. This means that all staff are able to spend the time in reflection and prayer together.

Wednesday word

Each week we send each family a copy of Wednesday Word via email.   Every Wednesday a ‘word’, inspired by the coming Sunday’s Gospel, will be suggested for families to talk about in the home. The Wednesday Word is structured around the Sunday Gospel, because evidence shows that Gospel values really do help family relationships to thrive.

The Wednesday Word also has a website which shares Sunday’s Gospel with parents and families. There are activities and games available too.

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Collective worship

Collective Worship across every class uses the same structure. We gather, using prayers or actions or music. Then, we listen to scripture, readings and/or poems. After that, we respond by doing something or saying a prayer together. Finally, we go forth by reflecting on the scripture and taking this forward into our work throughout the day.

Every child has access to a collective worship area in the classroom which includes a prayer focus and the class prayer book, as well as bibles and Come and See resources relevant to each class. Every day, each child from Year One upwards has a chance to say our School Prayer to reinforce our Catholic ethos. It also acts as a reminder of how we live our lives in school through Jesus’ love and reflects our Mission Statement by us believing that we treat each other with Consideration, Care and Courtesy.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Engineering College

In order to continue to foster relationships between St Edmund’s and our local Catholic secondary school, Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Engineering College, we regularly invite Gill Chestney, the High School Chaplain, to lead our Key Stage One and Key Stage 2 collective worship.  Gill and our children enjoy the chance to worship together.

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Catholic Life

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