13 January 2017

This week we have been very, very, very busy! On Monday we started practicing for our sats. Our first practice sats paper of the week was maths arithmetic. It was last years ACTUAL Y6 SATS Test.On Monday afternoon we started to look at the heart and circulatory system. We found out that your heart is about the size of your fist. On Tuesday we started to look at a musical called 'Wicked' and made a picture out of the song lyrics from the musical. On Wednesday afternoon we had our first go at drawing a portrait of a face. On Thursday Morning we started our gymnastics lessons with Miss Dawes. After that we had to do another SATS test...it was maths again! On Thursday afternoon we did another portrait of ourselves. This time we had to draw half a green face because we are learning about wicked and the main character Elphaba is green. WE ARE SO HAPPY THAT IT IS FRIDAY, WE NEED THE REST!!!!

By Kaitlyn and Laura

Posted by Year 6 on 13 January 2017

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