Our Curriculum

Our curriculum has been designed to ensure all children have access to the statutory knowledge and skills which are outlined in the National Curriculum through a curriculum which is a broad and balanced that promotes the gospel values, develops good PSHE skills and teaches the learning skills indicated in our curriculum intent.  The classes in St. Edmund's are mixed-aged, our school curriculum takes this into account and is organised into a two-year cycle.  The classes are organised in the following way: Nursery and Reception, Year One and Two, Year Three and Four and Year Five and Six.  The curriculum for each class can be viewed through the tabs below.  Each class has a long-term plan, medium-term plan, and a knowledge organiser for each half term of the cycle.  The knowledge organiser is sent out at the beginning of each half term so that parents have an overview of what the focus is for each half term including specific vocabulary and skills. 

*Long-term plans, medium-term plans and knowledge organisers will not remain static and will change depending on the needs of the children.

Early Years Long Term Plan


Early Years Medium Term Plans



EYFS Knowledge Organisers

School Year Cycle

2020 - 2021                                                  A
2021 - 2022                                                                          B
2022 - 2023                                                  A
2023 - 2024                                                  B

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