28 February 2018

Recently, we went to a meeting about The Friends Of The Tawd group. It was hosted by Greg Mittens, and was held at the Ecumenical Centre.

As we went in, there was a HUGE map that had all the features they wanted to add around the Tawd. It included a cycle path, some mereland and many other interesting, exciting additions.

They passed out some agendas with points of the meeting on, and people started the meeting. We were all talking about the dangers of the area and groups that could help. We said about the school helping in some way.

Sadly, Mr. Hennigan told us that the school could not organise a clean-up due to insurance problems, but the school would happily supply the Friends of The Tawd with litter-pickers, bin bags and advertisement. 

If you would like to be a part of this development of our local area, The Friends of The Tawd group is looking for willing members! :D


By: Ruby and Cornelius :-)


Posted by Year 6 on 28 February 2018

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